26 July 2002

Bernese Oberland

July 2002

We travelled with ExodusThe team included Colin Stump and Richard Pratt.

Day 1 

Team assembles in Gsteig, Switzerland

Day 2 

Gsteig to Lauenensee via the Krinnen Pass, then over the Truttliberg pass to Simmental

Descent from Krinnen Pass
Truttlisberg Pass 2038m 
Wildhorn Massif
Descent to Simmental

Day 3

Ascend Pommernpass 2055m from Simmental (passing by the Simmenfalle). Climb to summit of Regenboldshorn, then descend to Adelboden.

Ascent of Pommernpass from Simmental 
Pommernpass 2055m
Summit of Regenboldshorn

Descent to Adelboden

Descent to Adelboden

Evening view of Day 3's objective, the Bunderschrinde
Day 4 

Adelboden to Kandersteg in Kandertal via the Bundeschrinde 2385m. Foul weather!

Soaked en route to Bunderschrinde!
The Bunderschrinde, 2385m
Descent from Bunderschrinde to Kandertal

Day 5 

Kandersteg to Griesalp in Kiental via the Oeschinensee and the Hohturli 2778m

View back to the Bunderschrinde - what a difference a day makes!

Ascent to Oeschinensee looking back to Kandersteg
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The path above Oeschinensee

Scree path to Hohturli
Glaciers below Blumlisalp Massif

The final pull up to Hohturli
 Blumlisalp Hut 2837m
Stumpy on Hohturli
Exodus Group on Hohturli 2778m
Richard from Hohturli
Steep descent from Hohturli
Day 6 

Kiental to Murren via the Sefinenfurke 2612m, then cable car down to Lauterbunnen.

Ascent from Griesalp in Kiental

Richard climbing last roped section of Sefinenfurke
Looking down the ascent route up to Sefinenfurke
Descent from Sefinenfurke
Descent from Sefinenfurke

First view of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau
Descent to Murren from Sefinenfurke

Eiger and Monch from Sefinenfurke

Day 7 

Excursion: Jungfraujoch to the Monchsjoch Hut 3650m

Jungfraujoch and the Jungfrau

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