24 October 2008

Costa Rica - October 2008

This was a quick trip to a steamy Costa Rica in the rainy season, as part of a corporate programme which helps eco-friendly businesses to develop.
Not really my bag, rainforest, bugs and snakes, but wonderful people and gracious hospitality will always be remembered. The scenery, in between some of the heaviest torrential downpours I've ever seen, is beautiful, with many forest covered volcanoes and views north to Lake Nicaragua. The vegetation is fascinating, with birdlife, brightly coloured butterflies and strange insects in abundance.
One little expedition was on horseback to the famous Rio Celeste, a fine waterfall into a bright blue pool, a few miles from the eco lodge at Heliconias, just above the village of Bijagua. 

Riding the Rio Celeste trail
Heliconias, Costa Rican forest
Rio Celeste, Volcan Tenorio National Park 
Thermal pool above Rio Celeste
Volcan Tenorio 1916m, from the Rio Celeste trail
View to Nicaragua from Heliconias
Volcan Miravelles from Heliconias Eco Lodge

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