22 November 2009

Stumpy's Scary Moments

I'm bored. Hating the descent into the dark winter evenings that prevail here in the UK, and dreaming of getting down to the Southern Hemisphere to get some summer light, I've spent an hour or so surfing the web, stopping by the fantastic websites of photographers Art Wolfe and Michael Ezra. Both creating works of art from different sources. Art from landscapes and Michael from the human body.
If you've got a moment or two to spare, go to http://www.artwolfe.com/ and http://www.michaelezra.com/
So, what to do?
I've never really been very brave. Most adrenalin moments have been prededed by periods of abject fear, curdled with a real desire to test my own personal limits. Most of the occasions I've gone to the 'edge' have been courtesy of other parties - rarely do I place myself in these situations. Hence I've never really taken to hard multi-pitch rock climbing, or flying aircraft, or deep sea diving.
But I've had some great moments in my life so far, so I thought I would stick a few pictures of them on my blog.
I hope you don't think it's too triumphalist or too self indulgent, but maybe to encourage you, the reader, to recognise that even ordinary mortals can get beyond their comfort zone from time to time. I rather like the statement Roosevelt made in his first address as president, 'the only thing we have to fear is fear itself'.

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